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Healing for Pets

Animals Reconnective Healing® is not only for humans but for all living things: animals and plants alike can benefit from the advantages of the Reconnective Healing® frequencies. The frequencies let any cell vibrate on a higher level of light, energy, and information and can restructure damaged DNA, as experiments with plants have shown.

Animals, like humans, can be brought out of balance due to health problems, traumatic experiences and specific inappropriate animal care. This can lead to illness or other psychological problems.

Then the Reconnective Healing® frequencies can help to activate the self-healing powers of the animals.

Just as with people, it is recommended to do 1 to 3 sessions with animals. After each session, time and space will be given for the frequencies to unfold and to see if any further session is required. There may be an improvement already after the first session, but sometimes it takes a little more time for the activation of self-healing capacities. This is an individual process and can vary for each animal.

The Reconnective Healing sessions are held only in the familiar environment of the animal. The duration is about 30 minutes; the fee is € 45 (incl. journey to destination [5 €]; only paid once in case that several animals get a Reconnective Healing® session).

Just as with animals, plants do also benefit from the Reconnective Healing® frequencies. The frequencies can help plants recover from unwanted changes and bring them back to their original healthy state. It is possible that not only the plant as such undergoes a positive change, but that the practitioner also identifies other possible circumstances (for example wrong fertilizer, scale insects under new leaves, excess flowers could be pinched out).